The Fourteenth Summer School on Youth and Heritage (ISSYH 14)

27th - 31st July 2019.

International Forum Bosnia and the Museum of Herzegovina in Mostar are pleased to announce the Fourteenth Summer School on Youth and Heritage (ISSYH 14). The programme will run from the 27th to the 31st of July 2019. The 14th Summer School will focus on the achievements of the ISSYH over the past thirteen years and taking stock for the future. The programme will include meetings on the 28th and 29th of July in Mostar and on the 30th and 31st of July in Stolac. There will be two round table discussion at the HIDR I and HIDR III in Stolac at which former lecturers and workshop leaders will reflect on their experiences and present proposals for future development of the Summer School.

IFB invites everyone who has participated in the Summer School over the years to join us in an open assessment of our experience to date and to consider how to build upon it.

The following is a provisional list of speakers and topics:

Mile Babić on the need and prospects for religious and cultural dialogue between Catholics and Muslims in Bosnia.
Amra Hadžimuhamedović on achievements and challenges in the restoration of built heritage.
Rusmir Mahmutćehajić on combatting the ideologies of scientism and religious fundamentalism.
Nerin Dizdar on the politics of social rehabilitation.
Krsto Mijanović on alienation from and reconnection with cultural, social, and historical heritage.
Derviš Hadžimuhamedović and Tarik Cengić on the challenges and results of 13 annual youth and heritage summer schools.
Desmond Maurer on ethno-nationalism, fundamentalism, and the reinvention of tradition as reactions to the challenges of modernity.
Senadin Lavić on the misuse of identities to undermine social pluralism and the need to promote an authentic Bosnian identity.
Taner Aličehić on the need for a reconstruction of the dominant narrative on Bosnian identity and its relationship to the state.

Those interested in participating or attending are kindly requested to fill out and return the attached registration form.

ISSYH 14 of this year will be shorter then in earlier years. However the curricula of the School will be in full accordance with the standard programs – education, labour and recreation. General program is available at IFB web site. Full data on the School schedule will be available within two weeks.

Tarik Čengić
Derviš Hadžimuhamedović
IFB coordinators

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