International Conference on Unity and Plurality in Europe

The Conference is a unique global initiative. It combines pluralist perspectives on religious thought with social scientific research on tolerance, civil society, cultural heritage, and identities and the interpretation and application of modern and traditional understandings of the relationship between religion and public life.

The entire conference is conceived as a long-term exercise in developing international networks for this type of exchange of knowledge, views, and approaches. The organizers believe that this will contribute to the interpretation of religion as an active factor of peace and act as a barrier to its abuse by ethno-national, ethno-religious, and other ideologies and sources of tension and conflict.


July 29th – July 31st 2018 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

International Forum Bosnia is pleased to announce The Thirteenth International Conference on Unity and Plurality in Europe, to be held in Mostar from the 29th to the 31st of July 2018. The main theme of the conference will be "The State of the Balkans: Between Imaginary Politics and Realpolitik”.

The conference will take the form of a dynamic exchange between researchers, activists, and media around two plenary sessions:

1. Religion, identity and society
2. The State of the Balkans: Between Imaginary Politics and Realpolitik

Each session will comprise individual presentations followed by general discussion. Time will be allocated for up to 10 speakers, with a pool of up to 50 participants overall.
As in previous years, there will be an Inaugural Lecture on Religion and Public Life, to be given by a guest lecturer chosen for their expertise and leadership in the field. There will also be a complementary series of public lectures or panel discussions on related themes.

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