Members of the Management Board

Mile Babić 
He studied at the Franciscan Theological College in Sarajevo, the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Philosophy in Innsbruck, the Catholic Faculty of Theology in Zagreb and the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He gained his doctorate in theology in Zagreb, and graduated in the history of literature and gained his masters in philosophy in Sarajevo. Since 1977 he has taught at the Franciscan Theological College in Sarajevo. He is chief editor of the anthology Jukic and heads the Department of Interreligious Dialogue at the Franciscan Institute for the Culture of Peace. He has studied in depth the works of Teodoret of Cyrus, John Duns Scotus and G. W. F. Hegel.His principal works are Himan Fil 2,6-11 u kristologiji Teodoreta Cirskog (Philippians 2, 6-11 in the Christology of Teodoret of Cyrus), Zagreb, 1990, and a study on John Duns Scotus’ Tractatus de primo principio, Zagreb, 1997, pp. 301-401.

Fatima Mahmutćehajić 


Mahmutćehajić, Fatima (Sarajevo) is an Associate Professor and Head of the Business Law Center at the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo. She received her MSc and PhD from the Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo with Summa cum laude. She teaches, inter alia, Business Law, International Business Law and E-Commerce Law. Her primary research interests are in the areas of business law, international business law, corporate governance, domain name law, electronic commerce and business ethics. She served as a legal expert in several project of national importance, as well as in international projects (in the field of- better regulation, public administration reform, e-government, public policy development, public-private partnership,etc.).  

She has extensive experience in institutional development and capacity building activities related to developing and strengthening of the administrative and knowledge capacity of institutions (national, local) for EU integration process. Proven track record in the development of demand driven training programmes. Also, she served as a Legal expert / member of expert group for Bosnian Governments on the development of "Act on electronic signature of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, "Act on e-business of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, "Public-private partnership Act", Metodology for regulatory impact assesment; Methodology for Improving Rules and Procedures for drafting laws, other regulations and general acts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. 

She is an arbitrator and member of the Arbitration Court of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2011, member of Management Board "International Forum Bosnia” since March 2012, a member of South East Europe Corporate Governance Academic Network (SEE CGAN) since 2013 and a reviewer for the South East European Journal of Economics and Business (SEEJ) since 2010. She has co-authored the eight books in the fields of Business Law (Introduction to law and obligation, company law,  Contracts, Securities and Competition Law), Applied Business Law and International Business Law. She has published a large number of scientific and professional papers refereed in international databases.

Rusmir Mahmutćehajić

After having completed his primary and secondary school in Stolac, he went on to graduate from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sarajevo in 1973. His received his MA in 1975 and his Ph.D. in 1980 at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He specialized at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy in 1982 and did his post-doctorate studies at the Catholic University at Leuven in Belgium. He has worked as a researcher and director for the Institute of Safety at the University of Sarajevo and as the Director of the Institute of Ergonomics at the same university. Between 1985 and 1991, he was a professor and later the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Osijek in Croatia.

Between 1991 and 1992 he was Vice-premiere of the Government of Bosnia-Herzegovina and between 1992 and 1994 he was the Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina up until the moment he resigned for not accepting the prevailing state policy at that time. He was also a member of the Assembly of Universities in Sarajevo and Osijek and president of the Commission for Social Activities in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian government.
Since 1992 he has been the President of the Bosnia-Herzegovina CIGRA Committee, and, since 1996, the President of the Editorial Council of the "Dialogue" review as well as chief editor of the journals "Bosnia-Herzegovina Electrical Engineering" and "Blagaj". In 1997 he was elected the first President of IFB. In his field of scientific specialization he has published more than one hundred professional and scientific papers, 8 books being among them. He has also published 18 prose books, philosophical and political essay books and several translations into the Bosnian language.

Krsto Mijanović

He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Mostar. He completed post graduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana in 1990. His received his Ph.D. in 2005. at the University of Sarajevo.
Until 1992 he had worked at a tool factory in Trebinje. His fields of specialization include the development of new products, research of parameters for the determination of tool quality in difficult working conditions, rationalization of technology for tool production, development of a quality provision system, organization and coordination of the development and management of work organization. He participated in several scientific projects on quality improvement for motor production, in the research of problems with tool production for new era bolts, development of tools for woodwork and the development of tools for the manufacture of hose coils. Since 1992 he has been the honorary collaborator at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana. He has published several works from his field of specialization both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

Žarko Papić

He graduated and received his MA and Ph.D. at the Faculty of Economics at Belgrade University.
He worked as a scientific advisor at the Institute for Economic Investments in Belgrade, lectured at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Novi Sad, was Minister of Science and Technology and a member of the Serbian Government, Director General, federal minister and member of the Federal Government of Yugoslavia, OECD Ambassador, Head of the Permanent Delegation of Yugoslavia to the OECD - Paris, consultant within OECD and professor at the American University of Paris. Since 1996 he has been Senior Adviser for the Independent Bureau for Humanitarian Issues (IBHI) and since 1997 has been IBHI Resident Director in Sarajevo. Between 1968 and 1991 he published 9 books on economics and the political system, 147 scientific contributions and more than 150 articles in specialized magazines and newspapers. He has participated in the work of several European seminars and conferences. He speaks and writes English and French and uses Russian, Bulgarian, Slovenian and Macedonian languages.

Džamna Vranić

She graduated from the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo. She work as the assistant at the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo. She is the member and one of the cofounders of International Forum "Bosnia”.

Ervin Vrdoljak

He finished Gymnasium in Livno and Faculty of Electrotechnics in Sarajevo where he obtained the title of graduated engineer in Electrotechnics. He live in Livno where he work at Electro Distribution Company of Livno Canton.
He is the member and one of the cofounders of International Forum "Bosnia” from Sarajevo.
The Friends of IFB
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