The main reason for establishment of the Centre for Media and Communications (CMC) of the International forum Bosna has been the need that through its activities contributes to the total completion of the knowledge on practice, role and position of the media and general communication sector in BiH and the need of further initiative of the media area reform in our country. The fact that numerous media in BiH after 11 years since the war ended have been working in the function of ethno-national political interests or they have been forced to work in conditions of ethnic-territorial borders established by the Dayton Agreement greatly influence the process of democratisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Related to that, and among other things, CMC will specially be engaged in following:
  • Promoting and protection of freedom of speech, critique of the "hate language”, raising of citizens awareness connected to the need of media independence from the influence of political, financial, religious, and other subjects of power;
  • Emphasising negative consequences that resulted from the division of the media in BiH society towards ethno-national and territorial criteria, and to point out to significance of establishment of unique media area and freedoms as precondition for development of citizens' society;
  • Encouraging media to be available to the advocators of critical re-examination of existing ethno-national ideologies and finding the answer on new BiH synthesis;
  • Encouragement of enabling and understanding of media sector for providing public with analytical information on the course of preparing BiH to EU accession;
  • In cooperation of competent institutions to promote development of information society, to initiate a change of new communication technologies as digital television, and to stress the importance of internet as the most significant global media;
  • CMC will cooperate with other IFB centres in initiating and realisation of important projects significant to BiH and general mission of IFB.

CMC will realise its program activities using the different forms of public debates, research, scientific seminars, conferences, and through cooperation with relevant domestic and international institutions and organisations.
The Friends of IFB
The work of International Forum Bosnia is supported by a wide range of organizations and individuals.