The purpose of CSP is to form links between the students of Bosnia and Herzegovina and bring them together so as to involve them in the processes of the political, cultural and economic transformation of the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the view of the CSP's founders, future relations within the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina depend on encouraging its young members to take responsibility for the overall transition to sustainable development within the broader European context. The founders and members of CSP believe that the present-day universities of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to respond to the challenge of building the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with which they are tasked, only if they free themselves from ideological and ethnic ghettoization. This means that cultural and religious differences are able to manifest their values only in the accompaniment of an awareness of unity based on confidence and shared responsibility for a peaceful and prosperous future. CSP achieves its objectives by forming contacts and links between students in all the universities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through organized encounters, debates and planning joint actions. Its purpose is to establish and strengthen those links and that collaboration, at first within Bosnia and Herzegovina itself, and later in the wider region.
The Friends of IFB
The work of International Forum Bosnia is supported by a wide range of organizations and individuals.