CSH was founded in the year 2000. In conformity with the fundamental purpose of IFB, "taking ownership of the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina" requires a research-focused attitude towards the past. History has as an almost invariable rule served to counter the ideologies of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is wrongly read and exploited. The founding members of CSH seek to stimulate a new attitude towards the past by means of systematic debate. This is a research undertaking against the falsehood, stereotypes and mystification in ideological abuses of history. In this way, it will bring about the conditions for a qualitatively different interpretation and teaching of history. This is a new, scholarly-based research attitude towards the identity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More about the Center

The Center for Study of History Research was formed at the session of the Board of Directors of the IFB held on 11 July 2000 and will be composed of IFB members who are directly or indirectly involved in research into the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina at schools at universities. The goal of the Center for Study of History Research is to promote approaches to matters of educational curricula and methods of teaching Bosnian and Herzegovinian history that would be in conformity with the best academic experience.


  • the development of common history textbooks for elementary and high schools or the contribution to such undertakings,
  • critically review the contents and methods of teaching history in schools and universities that do not contribute to a strengthening of trust and dialogue as a prerequisite of the stable development of society,
  • issue directions, documents and books that contribute to the research and teaching of history,
  • hold thematic workshops led by prominent local and foreign experts, to ensure that history is researched not only from the national perspective that has thus far been dominant, but also from broader perspectives, planning and implementing long-term research of Bosnian and Herzegovinian history as part of European history.
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