The Center was founded in December 2000 with the aim of being a sound and genuine nucleus of the strategic and geopolitical thought of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Center's Board is composed of prominent names from public life, who have given no small contribution to a consideration, analysis and clear anticipation of the development of the society and state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The aim of the Center for Strategic Studies is to assist the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina through:
  • ongoing analysis of the regional and global political, security, economic and cultural reality of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an interpretation of trends and interactions;
  • interpretation, evaluation and forecasting the strategies of our neighbouring states and their impact on Bosnia and Herzegovina; and
  • contribution to deliberations by the local and foreign public on issues of significance for the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  • research into and work on projects on the political, economic, cultural and geographical position of Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of European culture, politics and history;
  • periodical systematic publication of analyses of facts over a three-month period, with review of their consequences and developmental forecasts capable of assisting public and scholarly dialogue:
  • 'ad hoc' activities; analysis and interpretation of specific issues and phenomena from the perspective of their consequences for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region as a whole, taking the Bosnian and Herzegovinian vital interests as the salient criterion for analysis; such activities to be conducted by means of panel discussions and public statements.





University professor and President of the International forum ‚Bosnia'. Selected publications:
Živa Bosna: Politicki eseji i intervjui, II edition (Ljubljana, Oslobođenje International, 1994. and 1995.),
Dobra Bosna (Durieux, Zagreb, 1997.),
Kriva politika: Čitanje historije i povjerenje u Bosni, (Radio Kameleon, Tuzla, 1998.),
The Denial of Bosnia (Penn State University Press, Pennsylvania, 2000.),
Prozori: Riječi i slike (Sarajevo, DID: 2000.)


Ramiza Jašara 8
Born on 05 May 1942 in Brezje, Rogatica, BiH. Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1969. Served as RBiH Minister of Defense in 1993. Expert for automotive industry.  

Sarajevo, Višnjik 21B

Worked as Head of Department for Open Sources Analysis of the Supreme Headquarters of the Army of RBiH, and as Coordinator of the Department for Analysis and Planning of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Subsequently worked at the Federation Privatization Agency on establishment of the Sector for Tender Sales (Tender Bureau) for privatization of 86 strategic enterprises and on implementation of credit lines extended by the World Bank and European Union. Later returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and still working as Head of Department for Implementation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace (Dayton Agreement), Disarmament and Security. Published four articles on international legal aspects of Bosnian water borders (the Sava, Drina, Neretva, Una rivers and the BiH part of the Adriatic Coast). Attended ‘Senior Executive Seminar' on economic challenges of reconstruction of defense and security policies of European states in XXI century at the European Center for International and Security Studies ‘George C. Marshall'.   


Worked as Advisor to BiH Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations. Received master's degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy for his thesis: Privatization investment funds and corporate governance. Works in Sarajevo as a consultant. Research interests: issues of economic transition in Eastern Europe, financial systems, direct foreign investment.
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