Educational film TOLERANCE

The Education Centre of the IFB is pleased to announce the production of its educational film entitled ‘Tolerance’. The first broadcast of the film will be on June 2nd 2005 at 21.00 on TV 99. The screenplay for the film, written by Rusmir Mahmutcehajic, is based on the results of a project developed over a number of years, entitled, ‘School Curricula/Tolerance. Support for the project has come from the Pew Charitable Trusts and USAID through The Tolerance Project at Boston University. Research and educational teams from Bosnia, Germany, Italy, Israel and the United States of America took part in the project. Within the project itself, several international conferences have been organised and several books have been published in English, German, Hebrew, Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian and French. The premise underpinning the whole endeavour is that the establishment of tolerance as the principle relationship with what is represented at the ‘other’ and ‘different’ is possible, not only in secular ideologies and philosophies, but also in each religious tradition. Such an approach to tradition is, according to the participants of the project, of crucial importance to our contemporary world.

The film director is Nenad Đuric and the executive producer is Dževad Hadžić.
Those appearing in the film include: Mile Babić, Fadil Fazlić, Jakob Finci, Rusmir Mahmutćehajić, Ivo Marković, Mirjana Mavrak, Krsto Mijanović, David Kamhi and 'Pontanima' Choir.
The length of the film is 54 minutes.
It is planned to produce the film in several languages.
In July 2005, the film will be shown to the participants of the Third International Summer School on Religion and Public Life in Jerusalem.

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