Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Visual Culture of the International Forum Bosnia

Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Visual Culture of the International Forum Bosnia works on research and raising awareness of the correlation of reality and culture in the Bosnian society. The Center aspires towards a consistent promotion of awareness of the visual reality of Bosnia and Herzegovina , which implies research of contemporary artistic currents, cooperation with young Bosnian artists, questioning relations of ideologies and art and the meaning of creation and destruction in the contemporary cultural sphere(s) of Bosnia and Herzegovina . The question of interdisciplinary research of visual culture is of essential importance to understanding the processes and outcomes of ideologies and art. Culture, with its aesthetic and semantic elements, reflects the society in which it appears and disappears. Bosnian reality is not a stranger to destruction, marginalization and miscomprehension of its cultural heritage. The question of Bosnian past is of equal importance for contemporary and future visual expression, understanding of the complexity of Bosnian identity and the development of a sustainable Bosnian society.

The Center seeks to cooperate with institutions of culture in all spatial frameworks of importance to Bosnian visual expression. The Center gathers individuals from various scientific and artistic disciplines. Special emphasis is given to communication within and among the following areas: Art, Art History, Architecture, Urban planning, History, Archaeology, Sociology, Political Science, Heritology, Philosophy, Ethnology, Linguistics and Museology. The Centre does not discriminate on the bases of religious, ethnic, national, gender or sexual affiliation. The Center does not discriminate on the bases of physical disability and acts in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Center identifies the following primary tasks:
  • - planning and implementation of research, education, promotion and communication activities;
  • - work towards becoming a  hub of contemplation and critique of the Bosnian visual reality;
  • - influencing activities of the institutions responsible for nurturing visual culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina ;
  • - organization of seminars, educational programs, public debates, round tables, publishing printed and video materials in regards to the previously stated tasks;
  • - action in the interests of marginalized social groups;
  • - cooperation with other Centers of the International Forum Bosnia , as well as with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad.
The Center will raise funds from applications and management of research projects, organization of conferences, workshops, provision of donations, establishment of partnerships with interested individuals and institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. The Board of the Center will make decisions on the use of acquired funds.

The Center has three members of the Board. The members of the Board are Aida Bucalović, Safet Hadžimuhamedović and Miroslav Valenta.  The Center has one President, elected amongst the members of the Board. Miroslav Valenta is the first elected President of the Center. The Center has two program coordinators. Aida Bucalović is the Coordinator of educational programs and Safet Hadžimuhamedović is the Coordinator of the research programs of the Center. The Centre has the status of an organizational unit within the International Forum Bosnia . The Board will make decisions on new members and changes to the interior structure and activities of this unit.

 Aida Bucalović
Safet Hadžimuhamedović
Miroslav Valenta
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