International Summer School on Youth and Heritage

The First International Summer School on Youth and Heritage took place in 2006 (July 23rd to August 9th). It was a unique event, with eighty young participants from seven countries living in a tent city.

Thanks to the success of the programme, the organizers and participants committed to developing the project as a long-term annual gathering of young people. Schools have taken place every year since, in late July and early August. The scale has been considerably smaller than the first one, with between 20 and 30 participants from a variety of different countries.

The initial schools used practical examples of cross-cultural cooperation to restore heritage as a tool against segregation, discrimination and apartheid. This has stimulated local involvement in rebuilding the town’s war-damaged cultural heritage, including some of the most valuable gems of traditional Bosnian architecture.

Thirteenth International Summer School on Youth and Heritage

July 28th – August 10th 2018, Stolac – Mostar – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

International Forum Bosnia and its partners are pleased to announce that the Thirteenth International Summer School on Youth and Heritage, will be held in Stolac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in July/August, 2018.

The School is a practical development of many years of research on tolerance and draws on an extensive network of partners, both individuals and organizations, committed to social and cultural reconstruction, reconciliation, and respect for diversity. The aim is to assist young people to reach a greater understanding and appreciation of the diversity and plurality in world cultures, particularly those that contribute to European diversity. Only in this way can the unity in diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a model of an open society, be recognised, conserved, and developed.

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