About the Centre for Cultural heritage

In a course of past seven years of our work, the International Forum Bosnia had implemented several projects related to the topic of cultural heritage. From the results of research and discussions on that topic, the Presidency of the International Forum Bosnia came to conclusion that establishment of the Centre for Cultural Heritage  was organizational framework needed for continuation and development of such work. Denials of Bosnian political, cultural and economical wholeness that was manifested in destruction and in placing obstructions could not be understood nor could it be removed without holistic approach toward the cultural heritage.

Program documents

The aim of the Centre for Cultural Heritage is assessment of the existing and building up the new attitudes on knowledge about Bosnian cultural heritage, for a purpose of changing attitudes and behavior in politic, culture and economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This aim of the Centre for Cultural Heritage will be achieved on the following manners:
  •     Creating links and organizing experts and scientists dealing with the cultural heritage;
  •     Initiation and management over research projects related to the cultural heritage;
  •     Presentation of the cultural heritage in the country and abroad on the bases of the scientific research;
  •     Re-evaluation of relationship between the cultural heritage on one, and politic, culture and economy on the other side;
  •     Organizing various events (workshops, conferences, public discussions etc.) in order to present and assess different attitudes toward the cultural heritage;
  •     Creating links between individuals and organizations dealing with the cultural heritage in the country and abroad;
  •     Publishing the results of researches, studies and stands on the cultural heritage;
  •     Any other manner for which the Funder deem to be of a benefit to achieving the set goal.
The Friends of IFB
The work of International Forum Bosnia is supported by a wide range of organizations and individuals.