About the Centre

A proposal for establishment of the Centre for Research and Protection of Natural Heritage was given at the IFB Management Board session, held on December 23 rd 2006 , and constitutional session was held on January 23 rd 2007 . Centre includes all members of IFB that directly or indirectly deal with research of natural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina in their high schools, forestry faculties, agricultural faculties, etc. of all universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all non-governmental organisations who are active in the filed of ecology, protection of environment, and Directorates of the National Parks and the Natural Parks.

Centre for Research and Protection of Natural Heritage is administered by the Management Board of IFB , through its sub-board consisting of: Dalibor Ballian, Faruk Bogunić, Neđad Bašić, Zoran Govedar, Ahmed Džubur, Amer Medar, Enida Mališević, Dražen Kotrošan, Adela Durmić-Pašić, Edina Muratović. Dalibor Ballian has been selected to be the President of the Centre.

Scope of Centre's activities
  • establishing and developing of connections with similar institutions in the country and abroad; whether they are governmental, non-governmental institutions of associations of citizens;
  • organising pubic events to discuss on natural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina , its present condition and perspectives, and exploring the methods of its protection and preservation;
  • having critical attitude towards all social projects that are a treat to natural heritage or they make it to be a subject to concession;
  • dealing with analyses and presentation of best experiences form Europe connected to protection of natural heritage, educating experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina who have possibilities to improve natural heritage;
  • making guidelines based on conducted research, making necessary documents and publishing of the books which could greatly contribute to the improvement of natural heritage
  • organising workshops in cooperation with domestic and foreign experts, beasuce the problem of protection of natural heritage cannot be seen only locally, but much wider, regionally for the area of South East Europe, where the problems will be directed to Bosnia and Herzegovina. During those workshops, citizens, youth etc., could be educated on this issue, and they could continue to be active in this field through non-governmental organisations.
  • making plans and conducting a sequence of long-term research of natural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the very important segments in European and world natural heritage, determining their relationships – differences and similarities – with emphasis on Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the rare countries with relatively high and preserved biodiversity, but that has been endangered in the last few years;
  • conducting activities connected to free flow of information and ideas among all interested parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in its surroundings and wider;
  • making joint strategy of perseverance of natural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina regardless of ethnic belonging;
  • conducting a campaign for perseverance of natural heritage along with other non-governmental organisations that are interested and contributing to this aim
Sarajevo, January 13 th, 2007
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