The inaugural session of the Centre for Gender Studies of the IFB was held on 13 April 2002.

After welcoming those present, the Centre's President, Professor Dr Nirman Moranjak-Bamburac, presented the structure, which was adopted unanimously. The meeting was welcomed by Žarko Papic (for the IFB's Board), Gordana Katana, Edisa Gazetic and Tanja Miletic-Orucevic. The second part of the session saw the presentation of the project FEMINISM AND TRANSFORMATIVE CRITICAL THEORY. The panellists were Professor Dr Jasminka Babic-Avdispahic, Professor Dr Marina Katnic-Bakaršic, and Professor Dr Nirman Moranja-Bamburac. The panellists' presentations were followed by an interesting discussion among the members of the Centre for Gender Studies. The meeting was attended by forty-three people from Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo, Trebinje, Tuzla and other towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meeting concluded at 14.30, as planned.