Sixth International Conference Sarajevo and the world

Pandemic Perspectives

It is my privilege to invite you to participate in the Sixth International Conference on Sarajevo and the World: Pandemic Perspectives.

Since the conference cannot be organised in the usual fashion this year, we have decided it should be online. The following paragraphs set out how we suggest going about this.

1. Introduction
The International Conference on Sarajevo and the World was originally conceived as an intellectual forum for investigating major issues related to Sarajevo''''s history, future, and significance within the broadest global context. As a city with a long history of religious plurality, Sarajevo is a paradigmatic case. It has experienced great hardship and hostility, both from within and without, that has on too many occasions culminated in criminal destruction. In both the good and the bad times, however, Sarajevo remains a constituent part of world heritage and a place from which we as individuals can explore political, cultural, and economic realities in terms of our own responsibility for creating a better, safer world.

2. Goal
Participants at this online conference are invited to present papers on political, cultural, and economic issues affecting the contemporary world as it deals with a pandemic threat that is also revealing a latent potential to stimulate new approaches to solidarity and responsibility. drawing on their respective traditions and experiences,

3. Implementation

3.1. Papers
Potential participants are asked to submit their papers by May 15, 2020. Maximum length is 2500 words. Papers may be in Bosnian (or Serbian, Croatian, or Montenegrin), English, German, or French.
Texts will be sorted into five thematic areas: (1) Plurality and solidarity in a time of emergency; (2) Cyber cooperation and strengthening our off-line communities; (3) Reimagining universal political, cultural, and economic paradigms locally; (4) City and state under crisis conditions; and (5) Health, the individual, and political responsibility.

3.2. Publication
Once papers have been received, they will be circulated to participants in an appropriate fashion for commentary and critical feedback. Responses and discussion should be sent to the organiser no later than May 25. Authors will have until May 31 to respond to any comments or discussion.

4. Proceedings
All papers, discussions, and responses will be published as proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Sarajevo and the World.

Note: we kindly request that you forward this letter to potentially interested colleagues and friends you think might be interested in participating. Participation in the conference does not require presentation of a written paper. Participants are requested to confirm their participation by email.

With best regards,
Rusmir Mahmutćehajić
President of International Forum Bosnia

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